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Al Sard Group Company Al Sard Group of Companies started its operations in the early 1990s in a very sensitive economic situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The aim of Al Sard Group of Companies was to take national responsibility for the difficult situation and to build trade bridges between Iraq and other countries in order to develop trade and open the door of the Kurdistan Region to international goods and create jobs and economic recovery. One of the largest companies operating in Sulaimani currently, It is owned by Mr. Farya Mohammed Bamoki who in the early 1990s signed a contract with the help of several organizations and worked in the oil and gasoline markets .. and distributed to different places. It is worth mentioning that the projects of this company and its progress until 2023 continues and constantly in significant changes in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq and with all the obstacles and political and economic changes has continued its work.

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Salim Street / Haji Mohammed Bamoki Hall,
Sulaimani, Iraq

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